Out on a Whim…

Autumn, Storeton Woods, Prenton, Wirral

Have you ever done something on a whim? Perhaps bought a photo book that wasn’t what you thought it might be or sent an image to a photography magazine and that got rejected. He’s a little tale from last month…

I’d been toying with taking out a subscription to “Landscape” magazine, which is only available on-line. After taking a good look around the website I was very impressed by the layout and quality of the images and took the plunge. It didn’t take long for a link to the download page and before long I was immersed in the magazine.

The editorial team wanted some autumnal images. I had made several already this year and now turned to my archive for the photo above, which had been made in 2015. I looked long and hard at the image, tweaked one or two things and sent it – on a whim! – for consideration. And on Wednesday morning, 1st November, I downloaded the latest edition and there was my image!

Overwhelmed didn’t cover my joy and delight. What it did cover was an image sent on a whim and it caught someone’s eye. And now, dear friends, I’m off to see what else I can find that might just get another image published. You just never know…


Lead, Shining Light (Gresty’s Waste, Kelsall, Cheshire West

Lead, Shining Light (Gresty Waste, Kelsall)

There is a little car park, called Gresty’s Waste, on the A54 Chester road on the outskirts of the village of Kelsall. It’s on the very edge of Delamere Forest. Today the sun was shining and I stopped off to see how the autumn colour was doing. As I stepped into the wood, a shaft of light pierced the shadows and lit up this little tree.

It wasn’t until got home and downloaded the image, that I realised there was a number of “rainbows” within the shaft of light. I’ve never experienced such a sight but I’m so glad I was in the woods when the sunlight hit the tree.

It will be appearing on my Instagram feed later today.

The Two Towers – London’s Architecture

The Two Towers, London (lowres)

I have a bit of an affinity with modern architecture. London is one of my favourite haunts and this image depicts The Lloyds Buildings on the corner of Lime Street and “The Cheese Grater” on Leadenhall Street, which was under construction when I was last there. It was photographed using my Fujifilm X-20 compact camera. Processing was done using Lightroom v6.9.


Shutlingsloe, the Matterhorn of Cheshire


Shutlingsloe is a hill of 506 metre’s height (1,660 feet) on the edge of the Peak District National Park. Wildboarclough is in its shadow but the best views are from the A54 Congleton to Buxton road beyond The Rose & Crown inn, which is where this photograph was taken using my X-Pro2. It is a grand hill to walk up and take in the views over the Cheshire Plain using paths from Wildboarclough. Once atop the hill there are wonderful panorama’s; The Roaches at Upper Hulme can be seen; Tegg’s Nose, above Macclesfield, can also be seen.

Those of you who might wish to make the climb should use Ordnance Survey Map OL24, which covers much of the Peak District National Park.

The Matterhorn of Cheshire? Well, there’s a very slight resemblance with the Swiss Matterhorn from certain angles, including the one above. Climb it and enjoy it…



Autumn, Storeton Woods, Prenton, Wirral

It’s great to be back at The Fuji Freak blog especially now autumn is here, or Fall, as my American friends would say. It’s my favourite part of the year followed by winter and spring.

Today, 16 October 2017, is exactly thirty years since the last catastrophic hurricane to find landfall in the United Kingdom. Southern England took the brunt of the winds then. Now, what was Hurricane Ophelia, has struck in the Republic of Ireland, through Northern Ireland, across the Irish Sea to south-west Scotland and into Wales. As I write this post the wind is rattling the windows in my house and it looks like it might be a sleepless night. There are going to be causalities; there are already three fatalities in the Republic of Ireland and untold damage.

I took this photograph this afternoon just as the wind started to strengthen. The skies were blue, the sun shining brightly onto Storeton Woods in Prenton, Merseyside. In fact, it was one of the only days this year with sufficient sunshine to get a few good images in the bag. The image was made using my go-to Fujifim X-Pro2, a superb camera, with a 14mm Fujinon on the front; quite the best I have ever used… and that’s a lot of camera’s! Post-processing was done in Lightroom v.6.9.