Why the Fuji X-Series?

Well, why not!

Over the past couple of years the Fuji X-series of cameras have revolutionised the way I make my images and I’ve gone from being a (very!) committed Nikon D700 user to an even more committed X-series user. My current stable is an X-10, an X-20 and an X-Pro1 with 18mm ƒ2 and 35mm ƒ1.4 lenses. The images that they produce are outstanding and I aim to share some of those images with you here at The Fuji Freak.

Both the X-Pro1 and X-20 get a lot of use while the X-10 is my back-up, just in case anything goes wrong. The 18mm lens is the normal lens of choice with custom camera settings courtesy of Kevin Mullins, a well-respected UK photographer. The link takes you directly to Kevin’s Best Settings for the X-Pro1 article, which certainly work for me!

I’ll also be writing a little about the images I make, the settings I use, hints & tips and much more.

I’m just back at home from an extended stay in France so I’ve got a stack of images to go through and edit and I’m hoping to be able to start posting the first batch later this week.

I’m very excited to be writing this blog and I hope that it inspires some of you to explore the world of Fuji X-series cameras, maybe buy one and become as bonkers about them as I have!


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