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Festival of Photography, Barro, Pitou-Charente, France, 2013…

I discovered this wonderful Festival of Photography last September. It is held annually in the little village of Barro in the Pitou-Charente region of France.

It is a very unique festival and venue attracting images from around Europe and further afield. The vast majority of images are displayed outdoors using gardens, hedgerows, the walls of buildings, in the courtyards of homes as well as the Maire (village hall), the village church, barns and cow sheds! There are comfortable chairs and settees under the tree in the centre of the village where photographers and others can sit, drink (very!) reasonably priced beverages and discuss photography and the images.

This year the Guest of Honour is Magnum’s Jean Gaumy. (please note that this link leads to a French language page)


Image © Jean Gaumy/Magnum

It was my personal Exhibition of the Year in 2013 and I made three separate visits to view over 1,000 images presented by 44 photographers. Sadly, I can’t make the Festival this year – I leave France on the Wednesday before it starts! – but if you’re in the area during the week commencing 20 September 2014 I do urge you to visit. You will not be disappointed!

My images accompanying this post were taken at the 2013 Festival and, I hope, give a flavour of the Festival, its diversity and friendly atmosphere.




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