Tonality Pro… Another Edit

Steam Train #1

Steam Train #1(m)

Steam Train (NS) #1

60009 Union of South Africa on a Holyhead to Crewe steam excursion…

Another conversion using Tonality Pro and a little more learned. I’ve posted a before and after for comparison and included a Silver Efex Pro 2 (SFX2); the upper image is Lightroom 5.6, the middle image has been done with Tonality Pro while the lower image is a conversion in SFX2.

Much more satisfied with the Tonality results this time. I used Layers; one using a film emulsion and one Outdoors (landscape). Much the same processing technique as before. The SFX2 has done a better job of drawing out the sky detail; I tried using the graduated filter in Tonality version but it wasn’t very successful. I think I need experiment a little more.

Tonality is a little like Silver Efex Pro2 in terms of the sliders catching up with the input; not really a problem but if you’re working quickly it might annoy a tad. Plenty of RAM on my iMac so it’s not a memory issue.

My own thoughts on the two mono conversions are that the SFX2 version is more punchy with greater detail and contrast. However, I’m not happy with the smoke on the SFX2 version; it’s much closer to the original in the Tonality version. Any thoughts on both conversions would be appreciated.

Image taken with my Fuji X-Pro1 and Fujinon 35mm ƒ1.4 lens. No filters.


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