The Architecture of Liverpool #3

Liverpool Architecture #1



Liverpool Architecture #2


Liverpool Architecture #9


It’s not just about the building, the details within the buildings are just as important and, in the case of these three images, stand alone subjects in their own right. The uppermost two images feature the central staircase of The Museum of Liverpool, which is on the waterfront adjacent to the Three Graces. The lower image is part of the ceiling on the third floor of FACT, the independent cinema in Wood Street on the outskirts of the city centre.

These abstract images, for me, are the most challenging to create. It is a case of looking at the subject, determining the patterns you want to use and then making the best possible image based on your vision of how you want the photograph to look when it is completed. By leaving some space within the frame, the composition you have in mind can be achieved by careful cropping.

Another aspect is determining whether the final image should be colour or black and white. The images here all appear to be monochrome but the lower image has retained its colour. All three were planned to be monochrome but once I had processed the lower one I decided that it would look much better in colour.

I used my Fujifilm X-10 for the stairs and my Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Fujinon 35mm ƒ1.4 for the lower image. Processing was via Lightroom 5.3/5.6 and Silver Efex Pro 2.



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