Flower #1


Flowers are a delight to photograph… except when it’s windy! And when it’s windy you just bring the flowers indoors. Simple!

This portrait of an Osteospermum was taken in a conservatory where there was nice, even lighting. Using my X-20 I selected spot metering and super macro to get in nice and close. This meant that the flower heads would be isolated from the background, which was blurred having used a macro setting. I made a couple of test images to make sure everything worked okay before taking the main shot.

There was very little post processing to be done; I had set the X-20 on a 1:1 ratio (square) but I still wanted to tidy up the edges of the photograph a little. Using Lightroom 5.3 I made some minor adjustments to the exposure, black & white points before exporting the image to Silver Efex Pro 2 where I used the Antique Plate #1 preset as the basis for the mono conversion. A vignette in Lightroom was added as a final touch.


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