Sunset #1

Sunset #2

Sunset #3

Sunset #4

The Sunset Tree, near Bioussac, Pitou-Charente, France…

Who knows who wrote that song of Summer
That blackbirds sing at dusk
This is a song of colour
Where sands sing in crimson, red and rust
Then climb into bed and turn to dust  – “Sunset” by Kate Bush from the album “Aerial”


Sunsets: a lot of folk think that once the sun has dipped below there horizon that that’s the end of the light show; not so. The “afterglow” – also know as The Golden Hour – can continue for some time and it is always worth waiting to see what Mother Nature will do next. This series of images was taken over a thirty-two minute period starting with the low sun illuminating the grasses in the first image, taken using my X-Pro1’s macro setting. The second image was taken as the sun almost reached the visible horizon; the sunburst is the key element here because the afterglow hasn’t reached the clouds.

The last two images show how the colour in the clouds developed in the final few minutes before twilight put a stop to any further photography.

I do take a lot of sunsets and have found that a sunset in the UK will stay around far longer than one in mainland Europe, central France in this case. This means that you have a shorter time to work the light.

No filters or HDR “tricks” were used in creating these images; Lightroom 5.6 played a small part by adjusting the black & white points, tweaking the white balance and colour casts.

I promise that I’ll not post another Sunset Tree image for a little while… unless something truly stunning crops up when I visit France next month!

Have a great weekend, everyone. I’ll be back next week.


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