Storm Chasing…

Storm #1

Storm Approaching…

I love being out in stormy weather and chasing storms, a habit inspired by the work of American storm chaser, Mitch Dobrowner.

This image was captured at 7:40ish on Tuesday morning in Beaumaris, Anglesey. The storm was coming from behind me and the last of the early morning sun was being chased away. I set my X-Pro1 to average metering, shutter priority and under-exposed by 2/3rds of a stop; no filters or HDR techniques were used. Processed in Lightroom 5.6 and Niksoft’s Silver Efex Pro2.

If you want to see some more wonderful storm photography please do take a look at Mitch Dobrowner’s site (linked above); you will not be disappointed!

If you’re interested in more of Mitch’s work try this book:

“Storms” by Mitch Dobrowner – Aperture Foundation



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