Street Life #11…

Street #10

Hangin’ on the Telephone…

Street #11

Feed the Birds…

Street #12

My Old Piano…

This little set of images has fulfilled a couple of tasks; stand alone images in their own right and, in respect of the top two, test images from Fujifilm’s 56mm f1.2 R XF X-Mount Lens.

I’m really enjoying using just prime lenses on my X-Pro1; there’s a sense of satisfaction in having to compose images by changing your position instead of twisting the zoom barrel. My kit is lacking a slightly longer lens and I’m thinking in terms of the aforementioned 56mm or the Fujifilm 60mm XF f2.4 R Macro. The macro lens is around half the price of the 56mm here in the UK. However, the extra 1.5 stops offered by the ƒ1.2 is very tempting. I popped into Wilkinson’s Cameras in Liverpool and borrowed the 56mm lens for a few minutes.

Wow! What an amazing piece of glass! A little heavier than my other lenses, the 56mm was perfectly balanced on the front of my X-Pro1. The sharpness was very satisfying and the bokeh was perfect. It felt very comfortable in the hand and I felt “at home” with it straight away. The two images published here needed very little post processing work; in fact, it took me longer to sort the monochrome conversion than to edit the original images.

Of course, having the lens for only a few minutes would never give you a true feel for performance and quality but those few minutes made my mind up very quickly – it’s the 56mm for me! Now all I have to do is sell a body part or two to fund it…

The last image was taken using a Fujifilm 35mm ƒ1.4 lens, another very fine piece of kit.

Thanks to the lovely folk in Wilkinson’s Liverpool branch for the brief loan.


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