Fading Glory

Flower #2

Rose – Study #1

Winter is a good time to experiment and to try your hand at something that is usually outside your comfort zone.

This set of images was taken at home using a vertical blind as a background and using sunlight to illuminate the subject in this case, dead flowers from a bouquet. I used my X-20 mounted on a Joby Gorilla Pod tripod. I selected spot metering to isolate the rose from the background and shutter priority. The shutter was fired using the built-in self-timer.

Processed in Lightroom 5.6 with the highlights slider 100% to the right to remove any lingering shadows from the vertical blind.

Flower #3

Rose – Study 2

Flower #4


Rose – Study #3

I was interested to see how a black & white image might look so I fired up Silver Efex Pro2 and selected Preset 19 Fine Art Process as the basis for editing. Some minor tweaks were made both in SFX2 and Lightroom to obtain the desired result.


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