Montmorillon b&w #1

Bridge over the La Gartempe, Montmorillon, France

I’ve been tinkering with new settings and processes on my X-Pro1, in Lightroom 5.6 and, of course, Silver Efex Pro2.

This image was produced as a monochrome JPEG in my X-Pro1. Yes, I know, you should always shoot RAW. However, there are those in the wider Fuji X-series community who maintain that it is very difficult to determine the difference between RAW and JPEG particularly in the X-Pro1. It would be rude not to at least try this theory out… so I did! And I’m very pleased with the outcome of the images I took in Montmorillon earlier in the year with the X-Pro1 and 18mm ƒ2 lens.

Once imported into LR5 I applied a mono preset, which left me with very little to adjust, just the white/black points mainly. Exported into SFX2, there was still little to be done; another preset, and some tweaking of brightness and contrast. Back to LR5, a crop and some minor adjusting of the white/black points from that action, and I had the finished image.

I’m using it at the moment as my desktop image on my 21″ iMac; it’s nice and sharp,great exposure and, I think, a good image. Over to you good folks; your comments are welcome!

No filters, tripod or HDR techniques were used in the production of the bas image.


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