Custom Settings For Fujifilm X-Series Cameras

Trawl the Internet and you’ll find that there are lots of custom Fujifilm X-series camera settings for you to discover and experiment with. That’s a good thing because some of us lesser mortal X-series users are happy to let others do the donkey work and then reap the benefits. I’m guilty, as charged!

However, in my defence I’ve been experimenting with some settings for the X-T1 posted by Eivind Røhne and thought you might see the results. First, though, you should read his blog post, which you can find below. I’m also going to point you in the direction of Kevin Mullins who has also posted what he feels are the best custom settings on the X100S on his blog. Just click on the two names below:

I have used Kevin’s settings on my X-20 and on my X-Pro1 and been very pleased with the results and I used Eivind’s on my X-20 and X-T1 over the past week and I have to say that I am very pleased with the outcome with his custom suggestions. I’m especially pleased because I was shooting JPEGs – there’s a school of thought within the Fuji X-series community that it is difficult to to the difference with RAW and JPEG in X-series cameras. I have experimented before with custom settings on JPEGs notably on my X-20 but have been less than impressed with the results but that might have been my fault. After getting some very good images on my X-T1 using Eivind’s settings last weekend, I transferred them onto my X-20. You can see the results for yourself.

When using my X-series cameras I usually under- or-overexposue but 1/3rd stop and I invariably use spot metering, which I find gives me much better files. I used Eivind’s fourth custom setting – black & white with a red filter – on all the images shown.

Do give custom settings a try; they may work for you or they may not. But you’l have a heap of fun trying them out.

The first two images are from my X-T1, the last four are from my X-20. Enjoy!

You have my assurance  that these seven images have not been super-edited; there’s been crops, a slight tweaking of exposures and black/white points and a tad of sharpening for the Internet and nothing more.

Settings #1

Settings #2

London at Night #1

London at Night #2

London at Night #3

London at Night #4


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