Romania; a country of many different contrasts and surprises, not least the steam train museum  in Sibiu. I’d read in the Lonely Planet guide that there was a museum there but when I went to the Tourist Information office, they denied all knowledge! Well it is there and I went and was surprised by the number of locomotives stored there.

At least 30 locomotives were present from very old steam engine to more recent diesels. But it was the steam engines I was interested in and they were just begging to be photographed. However, it was a dull, grey old day and there was no contrast in the sky so I’m afraid that the images didn’t sparkle as much as I’d like them to have done. My X-20 tried its very best to help, sadly to no avail. No matter…

Alien Skin’s Exposure 7 came to the rescue and I’ve spent the morning “ageing” the images using a wet plate preset from their vintage black & white digital “emulsions” and fiddling around with various tweaks. I’m pleased with results but the proof is in the looking so I’m hoping that you, dear reader, will enjoy the images. Just click on the images to see them in their original sizes.

Sibiu Steam #2         Sibiu Steam #3

Sibiu Steam #1         Sibiu Steam #10

Sibiu Steam #6        Sibiu Steam #5

Sibiu Steam #8       Sibiu Steam #7

Sibiu Steam #4      Sibiu Steam #9




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