It was my birthday recently and one of my numerous photography gifts was a rather excellent book entitled “The Photographers Playbook” edited by Jason Fulford & Gregory Halpern. It is a book of 307 assignments and ideas for photography. That’s a lot of assignments! However, the book is primarily for inspiration for image makers suffering photographers block!

Not that I have photographers block just now, but I am going to undertake and, hopefully, complete all the assignments! I could start at Assignment 1, or I could randomly open the book and select one, or, more realistically, come up with a complex system to randomly give me a number of the task. Yes, the complex system the won the vote! Actually, all I’m doing is picking the first number between 1 and 307 on vehicle registration plates. Number 55 has the dubious honour of being first out: 1. photograph something beautiful; 2. make a beautiful photograph. The perfect start…

I completed the assignment after completing processing it a few minutes ago. I took this image in Snowdonia, North Wales on Saturday (18.04.2015). It’s Tryfan, my favourite lump of granite in Wales, possibly even the whole of the UK. It’s arced summit and approaches remind me of the dinosaur, stegosaurus. It’s a majestic structure fashioned by nature and the elements.

Tryfan #1Image ©Tony Harratt – 2015; Tryfan, Snowdonia, North Wales

This post was made with the help of Stuart Maconie’s & Don Letts radio shows on BBC Radio 6 Music.

“The Photographers Playbook” is published by Aperture under ISBN 978-1-59711-247-5 priced £16.95 (UK); cheaper options may be available.


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