The Fuji XE2: Quirky little monster

My friend good Drew has invested in a Fuji XE-2 kit and has been using it on a recent trip to Venice. Read his thoughts & see the results in his blog post. Follow him, too; you’ll enjoy his work very much…

Le Fey

Getting used to any new camera takes time.  I should know, I have had enough of them over the years, ranging through Olympus, Yashica and Pentax. But after using the Fuji X100and XPro I am now firmly fixed to the FujiFilm mast. The X100 series are just brilliant cameras, simple, elegant, beautifully constructed with such a retro feel.  I believed the XE2 would be a logical update to my kit along with the XF35mm lens. So here is my real world review, a week in Venice, with the Fuji XE2

image From the Bell Tower, San Giorgio Island

There are a couple of points I should make straight away. If like me you normally wack in a usb lead to connect up your macbook, then you need to buy a new micro cable, It isn’t supplied.. I know you can plug in the memory card easily.. so no problem really. And battery life…

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