The gerbera is one of my favourite flowers. Its soft petals and myriad colours make for fantastic photographic studies. During the past damp and cold weekend, I made a few images using my X-Pro1 in my studio (read: dining area!). The Fuji film simulations are superb and I used both Astia and Velvia coupled with spot metering to capture the images.

Processing has been done in Lightroom 5 and Alien Skin’s Exposure 5; I’ve also got a trial copy of Google’s Niksoft Collection and have been playing with various settings in Color Efex 4, Define, Sharpener and Define. Here are the results, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Gerbera #4

Gerbera #6

Gerbera #2All images © Tony Harratt 2015 – Gerbera, Studies #2, #4 and #6


7 thoughts on “Gerbera…

  1. These images are smashing Tony, great depth of colour in all three samples, are you able to say more about your workflow and which of those apps works for you? I would like to hear more about how you find Darkroom app too? As always you are very generous with your support and sharing, thanks.. cheers Drew


    1. Hi, Drew! Thank you for the kind words. Lightroom 5 is my go to first step having dumped memory cards to my archive. I only import what I think are the best images. Next, I assess & process the best images – WB, lens correction, then any of the basic settings depending on what I’m trying to achieve. Of late I’ve been using Alien Skin’s very good Exposure 7, which has some nice effects. I work on the “more is less” theory, so much of what I do will only slightly alter the original from LR5. Difficult to assess which of the Nik Soft plug-in’s will be useful on a mornings work but Color Efex 4, Define & Sharpening (output) are looking very much like long-term ‘friends’. Sometimes there is neither rhyme or reason to my workflow; I get an idea in my head & just go with it! Classic examples are my ‘Dark Matter’ images. Hope this helps; perhaps I’ll put a blog together giving an idea of how I work. Finally, I’m not going to be spending more time editing/processing than I do now. I still aim to get 90% of the image right in-camera. Have you cracked your LR6 security key problem? Best, Tony

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      1. Hi, Drew! Sorry – you asked about Darkroom app. It’s OK & not in Snapseed’s league but it’s good enough. Tools: crop; presets (13); sliders for +/- adjustment to brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature (WB really), fade & vignette. There’s a curves tool but that’s £2.29 to buy. Four share options: camera roll; Instagram; Twitter & Facebook. Nicely laid out & for free it’s pretty good.

        There’s also Priime. Styles by 31 different authors, not all free although there are about a dozen that come with the download. Editing: style; adjustment: brightness, structure, contrast, warmth (WB again); compose tool: rotate and/or straighten; history so you can see what you’ve done. There are more sharing options. It has the edge for me with rotate/straighten but there’s no crop tool. When you want a style there’s the option for the app to suggest one. Often the suggestion is a style you don’t have! It’s another freebie, which is an excellent incentive!

        If you’ve room on your iPhone you can’t go wrong with either & I use them in conjunction with Snapseed, especially now it’s had a big makeover. Hope this helps… Tony


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