“The Phil”

Liverpool: a nice sunny day, lunchtime, a bit of a thirst… it’s time for “The Phil”!

The Phil #1-9

Built on the corner of Hardman Street and Hope Street, The Philharmonic Hotel was built between 1898 and 1900 by Walter W Thomas. It’s the most richly decorated Victorian hostelry in the city. The exterior has stepped gables, ogee domes, windows of a shapes and styles, and a serpentine balcony over the door. Superb Art Nouveau gates of iron and beaten copper greet the visitor leading to the sumptuous interior, divided by mahogany and glass partitions. Beautiful stained glass windows, often of a musical theme, can be found throughout the building, as can beaten copper panels set in panelling either side of the fireplace. The gents toilet is the only Grade 2 listed public convenience in the UK.

Once you’ve marvelled at its magnificence, you can order that long-awaited pint of beer! If ever you’re in the city, do visit; it’s quite an amazing place!

The Phil #1

The Phil #1-3

The Phil #1-2

The Phil #1-4

The Phil #1-5

The Phil #1-6

The Phil #1-7

The Phil #1-8All images © Tony Harratt – 2015



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