The Secret Gardens of Oxton

The urban village of Oxton on the fringes of Birkenhead, hosts an annual ‘Secret Gardens’ event. Upwards of 20 gardens open their gates to the public to marvel at what can be achieved in both large and small gardens. I had the great pleasure of being there this year mingling with Morris dancers, musicians, artists and donkeys as well as the gardens.

The day started overcast and cool but by lunchtime the sun was out and it was camera time! Here’s a small sample from the many images I took on the day.

Secret Gardens of Oxton-4

Secret Gardens of Oxton-3Secret Gardens of Oxton-10Secret Gardens of Oxton-5

Secret Gardens of Oxton-14Secret Gardens of OxtonSecret Gardens of Oxton-12

Secret Gardens of Oxton-11Secret Gardens of Oxton-8Secret Gardens of Oxton-7

Secret Gardens of Oxton-13Secret Gardens of Oxton-2Secret Gardens of Oxton-6

Secret Gardens of Oxton-9All Images © Tony Harratt 2015



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