Days Gone

A Twitter friend, Dawn Mander, recently visited London where she found a wonderful image in Fournier Street, Spitalfields, London, which she blogged. Her “find” got me rummaging through my archive for something slightly similar, which I’d like to share here.

P. Galkoff Family Butchers was a Jewish kosher shop at 29 Pembroke Place, Liverpool. Built in the early 19th Century, it was originally one of five three-storey Georgian terraced houses. It was converted into a hardware shop, after which it became a furniture shop and finally a butchers.

Percy Galkoff bought the shop at no. 29 Pembroke Place with a 75 year lease moving there from a butchers on Brownlow Hill. The London Road area was a thriving Jewish community in the vicinity of London Road.

I was taken with the Hebrew script adjacent P. Galkoff. History is all around us if we only have the time to look.

Days Past Image © Tony Harratt 2015 – P. Galkoff, Family Butcher




2 thoughts on “Days Gone

    1. That would be very nice, Dawn! I’m booked for 3 September. I’ve a project lined up for the morning but want to visit Brick Lane & Furnival St later on. I’m also planning to go & see the Hepburn retrospective and probably a couple of other little exhibits. A busy day! Travelling down on 5:20am from Crewe & back on 21:07 from Euston. Best, Tony

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