Some of you may have noticed that my mono processing has changed. I’ve gone from using either Silver Efex Pro-2 or Alien Skin’s excellent Exposure 7 to make my mono conversions to something very different.

Here’s an image processed using Exposure 7 using a custom preset:

Escalator 1

And here’s the same image produced by a single preset in Lightroom 6.1.1:

Escalator 2

The lower image uses a preset designed by Matt Kosklowski for Lightroom 5, emulating Tonal Contrast . Matt previously worked with Scott Kelby but has now moved on to On1 software.

There are three presets in the series – light, medium and strong. I’ve been using the strong version because I think it picks out much more detail than either of the other two, and I adjust the settings as necessary. Usually I up the contrast by between 10 & 20 percent, lower the exposure about 0.25-0.33 stop and increase the amount of vignetting by up to five or six notches. I’ve rarely had to make other adjustments to images using this preset.

There some who think that tonal contrast is actually HDR. It’s not…

I’m not sure if the presets are still available out in the wide world of the wobbly wobbly web. If you can’t find them let me know and I’ll send copies to you. They do work with Lightroom 6.1.1.



3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. on1 presets for lightroom are great as a starting point, i have many that i have tweaked and made my own. Also on1 Perfect Photo Suite 9 is good software for emulating different film type/looks. Not sure how true they are to the original films but there are many great preset effects.


    1. Hi, Özlem. Thanks for your comment. I used on1 for a little while but much prefer Lightroom, which I’m getting fairly proficient with. There’s a vast number of free presets floating around the Internet and I have quite a few for Lightroom. Three or four I use regularly.


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