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This post isn’t necessarily Fujifilm-related but is for the interest of the wider photographic community.

Some of you may have noticed a little note on Twitter earlier today about RNI Films. If you missed it, I can tell you that the tweet brought to notice a new iOS app and presets very much in competition with VSCO Cam. Let’s look at the app first.

It’s very much on a par with other processing apps such as the aforementioned VSCO Cam, Snapseed and a host of others. There’s the usual settings for adjusting images, cropping, brightness, shadows, structure and so forth. It’s in the film simulation area where RNI Films seem to have scored.

The app carries a number of film simulations: some slide, some black & white, some instant film and is free with in-app purchases available at around £2.29 a set and the option to “unlock more rich & vibrant slide films by sharing the app on Facebook.” Nothing for us tweeters, sadly!

I’ve used the app to process an image or two and it works very well. I added some of the simulations and was pleasantly surprised by their quality and look. The app supports interaction with Instagram, which is useful.

There’s not a version for the iPad just yet or for Mac desktops or laptops.

RNI Films is a well-known company in the professional film simulation world. They bring “exceptionally beautiful colour separation and subtle analogue flair of your favourite film stocks to your mobile…. The RNI Films filters are born from real film stocks and split into categories that include, negative, slide, instant, black & white, and vintage.”

It’s a big release but they might just it carry off given the apparent quality on an iPhone. Of course, the question of whether the preset market for Lightroom and company can support two very similar products vying for the market lead.

RNI – Really Nice Images – have put together five collections of presets for LR and Adobe Camera Raw. You can get all five for $122 (US). The collections are negative, slide, instant, vintage and black & white and can be purchased separately retailing at $49 (US) each. There’s also an Instagram collection of 41 different presets, retailing at $29.98.

Visit the Really Nice Images website for more information. Just click the bold text in the first sentence of this paragraph.

Here’s a couple of test pieces so you can compare before and after:



The upper image is processed without simulation, whilst the lower image was given an Ilford Delta simulation. No other processing was applied to the lower image other than the RNI Films simulation. There appears to be a marked difference with the lower image; the walls to the right are much brighter than my original working of the image. The shadows seem to be deeper, too.



The upper image is processed without simulation, whilst the lower image was given a Kodak Gold 200 film simulation. No other processing was applied to the lower image other than the RNI Films simulation. There’s a marked change, too, with this image. The lower one has a less vibrant background, perhaps muddier would be better, and the lead colours appear to be less vibrant, too.

It’s not a scientific test by any means but at least you can see some of the potential differences RNI might offer.

Only time will tell how successful RNI’s offering will be in overcoming what many in the photographic community believe to be the industry standard: VSCO Cam. I shall be watching with interest!

All images © Tony Harratt 2015


6 thoughts on “RNI Films

  1. Thanks for the review.

    I wish VSCO to remain an industry standard but now their app is going down the hill faster than ever. The last update was a final blow and I decided to look for a snappier alternative.

    And from my mere experience RNI appears to be a new VSCO. Their app is lightweight and simple and filters are incredibly true to real emulsions at least for the films I know.

    They just did a great job. Aesthetically they’re better than VSCO and miles ahead from Instagram, Snapseed, EyeEm and alike.

    Highly recommend to anyone.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the tip!

    RNI is a fantastic app that made my day.

    Absolutely love their simulation of Fuji Superia, one of my favourite films. They totally got it’s real character. Could not be done better.

    Also love how simple RNI workflow is. Fingers crossed, they will endure and not spoil it by more features, buttons and extras in future (that’s what killed VSCO for me).

    Liked by 1 person

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