Brick Lane, London, E1

A few weeks ago my good Twitter-friend, Dawn Mander, posted a photograph from the Brick Lane area of London. It was an excellent image featuring a subject from the past. Dawn kindly gave me the location and last week I toddled off to make my own image. I was just about recovered from an injury, so a lightweight kit was in order: just my X-T1 & the 18mm and 56mm lenses. I found the location and after taking my image, wandered off around Brick Lane, which is a fantastic source of images. I’m going to be running a series of posts around the images I’ve already taken and those that I hope to capture when I return to London in early October.

E1 #1

This first image is the location Dawn told me about in Fournier Street, East London. I needed to take a different image, which was difficult given its location. I waited for a few minutes and was rewarded by the arrival of a lone pedestrian who was intent on getting inside number 33 and unknowingly obliged me with my image.

E1 #3

There’s a vast number of architectural styles…

E1 #14

A fantastic collection of street art… I overheard a tour guide tell a group of tourists that “this is the Guggenheim museum of London art…”

E1 #12

Amusing things…

E1 #11

And a fine array of shops…

I’ll be posting another selection later in the week.



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