The Last of Autumn

Autumn this year has been very generous with some wonderful colours. My images of autumn have been well received both here on The Fuji Freak, on Flickr and Twitter.

In some small way, I have to thank Mark Littlejohn, a photographer from the English Lake District. I only discovered his work in the summer when he presented his images in The Masters of Vision exhibition (MOVE). All the exhibitors showed some wonderful images and I check them out often. I really liked Mark’s way with trees and landscapes in general and it was his style that I had in mind when I made my autumn photographs. You can follow the link above (in italics) to see some of Mark’s wonderful photos.

Mark has just had an interesting tutorial published in the current issue of UK magazine Outdoor Photography, about using cross-processing in colour images; most useful. In fact, I’ve used the process in the image below. If you click on the Outdoor Photography link it will take you to their downloads page where there are half-a-dozen articles for you to download.

Enough waffle! Picture time… check it out in full screen mode.

Autumn 2015 #29

Image ©Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak 2015


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