At Last! The Fujifilm X-Pro2 is here – UPDATED LINKS

Well, the rumours are true… the Fujifilm X-Pro2 is out there and being used. What’s even more exciting is a previously unannounced new box of clicks, the Fujifilm  X70!

I’ve picked up on a few X-Pro2 posts already and I’m sharing the links below along with one featuring the X70. I’ve added a couple of additional reviews from We Shoot Fuji and renowned landscape photographer, Pete Bridgwood.

For We Shoot Fuji go to ->

For Pete Bridgwood’s review for Fujifilm X-System blog go to ->

For my French readers go to ->

From Jonas Rask in English go to ->

Also from Jonas in the X70; go to ->

And my friend Matt Hart has posted this Fujifilm X-System overview ->

My apologies if anyone has had difficulties viewing the various reviews.


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