A Day Trip to Cavtat, Croatia

Let’s get away from winter…

I spent twelve days in Croatia at the end of last summer. This is the first in a series of images showing the country around Dubrovnik and what it has to offer.

Today we’re off to Cavtat, a small town in south-eastern Croatia, which I visited a couple of times. It’s a lovely little place with two harbours, one on either side of the spit of land that dissects the waterfront. It’s visited by some very expensive yachts; its streets are generally car-free; there’s a few shops there as well as some fine restaurants; its churches are small, quiet and beautifully kept and the locals are very friendly.

It’s possible to get there by road but it’s best by far to go by one of the many ferries that ply between Dubrovnik or Plat and Cavtat. The ferry from Dubrovnik takes around 45 minutes depending on the number of stops and about 25 minutes from Plat, again, a little longer if there passengers need to be picked up.

So… let’s get on board, sail to Caveat and have a look around.

Croatia 2015 #24

All images © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak 2015/2016 


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