Fuji X-Trans Files

I’ve been reading quite a bit about processing Fujifilm’s X-Trans files, both RAW and JPEG, this past couple of days. Fuji files are slightly different than most other camera makers in that they do not use a Bayer array on their sensors. For those editing files in Lightroom and other image editing tools, there’s a slight drop in quality. The latest Lightroom build, v.6.3, has addressed some of the issues but the images continue to be a little soft.

If you’re interested in getting a little more out of your Fuji files, take a look at two blogs UK landscape photographer Pete Bridgwood has produced. Here’s the links:

The first looks at post-edit sharpening -> http://petebridgwood.com/wp/2014/10/x-trans-sharpening/#more-1432

The second is a video looking at new Lightroom 6.1 and Fuji X-Trans files -> http://petebridgwood.com/wp/2015/06/lightroom-6-1-and-fuji-x-trans/

One of the things Fuji’s sensor array does improve is the quality of JPEG’s. The Fuji JPEG’s are highly regarded by photographers – see Pete Bridgwood’s comments in his video tutorial. To prove the point, here’s a JPEG image that I spent all of five minutes with. I could have posted it without any software tweaks but I wanted to boost the colour saturation, sharpen a tad and to crop. I think you’ll agree that it’s very difficult to tell the difference between a RAW file and JPEG! Indeed, it’s also my Something for the Weekend post.

Winter 2015-2016 #11

Image © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak 2016


5 thoughts on “Fuji X-Trans Files

  1. I started processing using Photo Ninja some time ago. I hate to say I had not previously taken the software serious because of it’s name. I was immediately blown away. Photo Ninja took me a bit to get used to and some experimenting but the processed files are simply outstanding

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    1. I guess it’s what we’re used to, Patrick. I’ve used Lightroom since version 1, so I’m comfortable with it. But… that doesn’t mean I won’t use other processing tools. I have Alien Skin’s excellent Exposure X as a Lightroom v.6.3 plug-in. It does a slightly better job with some aspects of exposure. We could argue about the pro’s and con’s of processing software for hours! I’d rather be behind the camera than stuck in front of a computer…


      1. Yeah part of me wan’t to go jpg but so often I want a bit more out of it. I would use Adobe Camera RAW if I could and it looked good. That and bridge is the easiest workflow for me. I am not using the cloud yet still have a good version of PS. Once I get out of that any software that looks different is a struggle. I miss film in so many ways.

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  2. I find the best detail settings for X-Trans RAW files are: Leaving the sharpening alone (25), keeping the radius at (1), maxing out the detail slider (100) and keeping the mask between (25-50). Those are generally my settings.

    I enjoy simplified workflow too much to use more than one program for editing and managing.

    Nice blog.


    1. Thanks for your comments, Matt, and for the follow.

      Generally, I keep the sharpening to a minimum as much as possible. I’ll be writing a post on Lightroom over the weekend, all being well, which will feature presets and advice on getting some of the “missing” bits such as the dehaze tool on stand-alone versions of Lightroom.

      Like you, I have a simplified workflow but rely on Alien Skin’s Exposure X as a Lightroom plug-in to adjust white balance and exposure settings. I rarely spend more than five minutes with an image.

      Look forward to seeing some of your work a little later today.

      All the best, Tony/The Fuji Freak

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