Love in the Mist

You may struggle to find “love” in this image, which I’ve just been tinkering with! I’ve been playing around with split toning – it’s a dull old day here – but I couldn’t find a suitable setting. Rather than park the image in Lightroom, I thought I’d share it with you…

Love in the Mist

Image © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak – 2015-2016


13 thoughts on “Love in the Mist

      1. Wow! I’m really glad… I’ve spent enough years messing with smelly chemicals; I’m happy to keep my digital files. I do try to make my mono work look filmic using grain & presets from VSCO and Alien Skin’s excellent Exposure X. Thanks again… T

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  1. Nice pic. Tony. I have given up Lightroom 6 split toning for black and white.. can never seem to get the right balance, either too sepia or pink or too cool and blue. Cheers Drew


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