Three Bridges

Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the north-east of England and three of the five bridges that span the River Tyne. It’s a wonderful city to visit with a wonderful mix of historic buildings and modern architecture, some fine shopping and eating  and entertainment par excellence.

Image © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak – 2015-2016


14 thoughts on “Three Bridges

    1. Hi! Thanks for your visit and kind words! Photography is all practice, the more images you make the better you’ll become. It’s all about “vision” mostly; have I set the right aperture or shutter speed; is there anything I need to move or leave out. Never take the first shot you thought about; look around your subject and see if there’s a better view. Check out blogs for ideas & inspiration… Hope that helps for starters. Look out for for hints & tips for beginners soon 😀

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    1. Hi, and thanks for your visit. Happy to oblige but you may need to wait a couple of days while I sort out the EXIF data. I will add them to the comments section of each post, if that’s OK… All the best, Tony


    1. Hi! Thanks for your interest in my post “Three Bridges” – yes, no problem at all with sharing. I apologise for the slow response; I’ve been in Wales for the past few days. Please let me know when you’ve posted my image. All the best, Tony

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