Image of the Week #5

Another day, another sunset… This image was taken at Plat near to Dubrovnik in Croatia. It was featured on Flickr’s “Explore” pages gaining me some very welcome exposure.


13 thoughts on “Image of the Week #5

  1. Wish I could take such great photos! One of my first camera loves was/is a Fuji (Finepix AX)…it is just so nice to take semi-good pics without a ton of buttons/switches – LOL You, on the other hand, are marvelous! Fantastic pics! Thank you for sharing – cant wait to see more!

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    1. Great to have you on-board! Thanks for your visit and your kind words; they are much appreciated. Having the camera set on automatic is great but you’ll miss out on so much! I’m thinking of putting together some simple tutorials for folk who may wish to improve your images. Pop by often!

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      1. would love any input you want to share! thank you!! I also won a Nikon DX that kinda scares me – LOL but open to new things, so will try to learn more – in my free time (oh wait, what is that?? ha ha)


  2. Great pic! Can you please share the technical parameters, such as aperture, speed and ISO? That would be great. Thank you.
    I am always interested to learn how and with what settings people capture their photos. I assume you have invested some kind of post processing to get to the final picture, did you?

    Cheers, Romano


    1. Hi, Romlos. Here’s the information you asked for:
      Camera: Fujifilm X-T1
      Lens: Fujinon 18mm ƒ2
      ISO: 250
      Exposure: 1/320 @ ƒ8.0
      Post-processing was done in Lightroom 5 mostly lifting the shadows and improving the sunlight hitting the wave. It’s not often that I do so much post-processing but I felt this image was too good not to enhance. I usually only spend about 5-10 minutes on an image. I hope that helps but if you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Best wishes,



      1. Thanks a lot, Tony, for your swift response. Amd thank you for sharing these great pictures with us. Much appreciated.
        I always judge my pictures by the way they come out of the camera (Fuji X100s), trying to avoid any post processing – mostly because I am lacking the know how to handle LR. I wonder what all the great photos you (and other ambitious hobby photographers) publish would look like if they come straight out of the camera.

        Anyhow, great picture, Tony!

        Cheers, Romano


      2. My pleasure… I, too, always try and get things right in-camera; doesn’t always work but I get around 70% close or a direct hit. My X-20 is good at that using fill-in flash. Take care, Tony


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