Which shutter speed should I use?

During the past week several folk have made comment that they would like to improve their images. I said that I would write one or two tutorials to help those interested in improving, after all, this is one of the directions I want to take my with my blog. I’d been thinking about where to start when…

Well, Fujifilm UK came to my aid by posting the tutorial you’ll find links to below on their blog! It features shutter speeds and how to use them to best effect.

I’d like to thank Fujifilm UK and author Dale Young for providing the opportunity to reblog the post and hope that those of my followers who want to improve their work will find it useful.

The Fujifilm Blog


If you are like me, knowing what shutter speed to use when you are trying to capture a particular type of action can be confusing at times. So I’ve put together a little ‘cheat sheet’ to help you get a good idea as to which shutter speed to use for particular shots.

In terms of how to use this ‘cheat sheet’ I recommend you print it off, stick it in your camera bag and, whenever you get a chance to shoot something more tricky, have a look at it and try out the relevant shutter speed. Alternatively, find yourself a willing volunteer to practice with!

Before you get started; Put your camera into ‘Shutter priority’ mode; to do this set your aperture setting to ‘A’, the ISO setting to Auto and moving your shutter speed dial off the ‘A’ position. This ensures you only need to worry about the shutter speed that…

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