More Shadow Play

The joy of having a south-facing window is that in winter the low sun makes for great light. Recently, there’s been some superb light at lunchtime and I’ve made the most of it making a test few images with the Fujinon 16-55mm ƒ2.8 zoom.

Despite my insistence on using only prime lenses, the zoom is rapidly becoming a firm favourite…

Shadow Play #3

Images © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak – 2016


10 thoughts on “More Shadow Play

    1. Ha-ha! You need to look at the bottom image, Drew, where you’ll find a couple of my more than ample Dylan collection (albums in another bookcase!), Neil Young’s biography, Grateful Dead, Led Zep, Floyd and the Stones. The Beatles have almost a shelf to themselves! Hope all well in Devon…

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      1. Yes, me too… I was always terrified of scratching vinyl discs and would be even more so now the price of a good vinyl album is so expensive! I transfer with a high bit-rate to iTunes whenever I buy anything new. There’s little that I feel compelled to buy these days…


      2. I miss vinyl, too, but I was always scared of scratching the discs! With new vinyl being so expensive, I’d be terrified of scratching it. I’m not compelled to buy much new music these days but what I do buy gets digitised at a high bit rate.

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    1. I switched Nikon D700 to go Fujifilm. Only one regret; I should have done it sooner! Music plays a big part in my life… just a few of my favourite bands in the images. There’s about 400 CDs plus downloads all around the house, too.

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