The Sunset Tree

I’ve been going through my Fujifilm archive post-spring 2013 and transferring some of my overseas trips into my current archive.

I got my first Fujfilm X-System camera – the X-10 – in May 2012 just before taking a break in rural France. I took the X-10 along with me and was thrilled with some of the images I made with it. My aim now is to produce some posts over the next few days featuring different aspects of real life in rural France.

My partner and I stay in a family member’s home house-and-dog sitting while their owners go on holiday. It’s an idyllic spot and just a little way from their home is a beautiful tree, which is in direct line with the sun at sunset in summer. I’ve used the location lots of times since I found it. The local farmer and his wife are delighted to let me stand in their field and they get the occasional sunset image from me in return.

The title “The Sunset Tree” is the name I’ve given to the location.


4 thoughts on “The Sunset Tree

    1. Wow! What a nice thing to write… it is a lovely spot. It’s a place to meditate at the end of the day, to think about the future but not too far ahead. I’ve yet to find anywhere quite like it near to my home, sadly. I was sorry to read about your arthritis; I’m plagued with it, too, but it’s not too serious just yet.

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      1. I have a spot about a 1/4th of a mile from our house to go get those perfect sunsets. Surrounded by fields, ponds, cows, and birds. So quiet an peaceful. Wish I could move our house up on that hill away from this noisy highway.

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