Winter 2015-2016 – Part 6

Saint Valentine’s Day, 2016 and spring is well and truly in the air already. With another six weeks to go before the end of Winter, trees, and hedgerows are coming into leaf, blossom trees are in flower and spring flowers are well ahead of their scheduled appearance. I only hope that this early spurt of activity from Mother Nature, is not affected by the frosts we have forecast.

I went to Rode Hall near Congleton in Cheshire to check out the Snowdrop Walk held every spring. It’s one of those on-your-doorstep locations that somehow you never get around to checking out. Joe Cornish, one of the best landscape photographers in the UK, proclaims that the very best locations are always thirty minutes from from your home or base. That’s thirty minutes walking or in the car or public transport. It’s a mantra I try to adhere to but often fail miserably. Anyway…

It was a bright but cold day with some blue sky and an awful lot people visiting Rode Hall. That was okay; the place is big enough to take a goodly crowd. It really was like spring was underway. There were crocus, primrose, daffodils, white box, helleborus and, of course, dozens of varieties of snowdrops.

I spent a happy couple of hours or so photographing natures bounty and came away with far more images than I expected – there’s novel! Here’s a selection of from the day and I really hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making and processing them.

All images © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak – 2016


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