Lost and Found

As photographers, we tend to hoard our images. I know that I do and it takes up lots of room on my disk drives! Of course, we all know just exactly what we’ve got saved for a rainy day. Or do we…

I’ve been spending a little time on my X-System files moving them around so I can present some of my previous jaunts overseas, mainly to France, where my lovely lady and I have had some wonderful times – and will again, I’m sure. Having moved two French trips from 2012, one from 2013 and a visit to Krakow also in 2013, I set about refreshing my memory of what I have.

I was astonished when I opened up the first French trip finding some wonderful sunset images that I had completely forgotten about, as were a few street images, some church architecture, landscapes and so much more! There are weeks of fun just waiting to be had! Not only that, but there is an important lesson to be learned: know what you’ve got and where it is. Not only that, I need to make sure that the images are keyworded for easy access.

As a result of filling an evening shuffling a large group of files I’ve “found” lying around on hard drives from one place to another, I’ve created a small monster. But that’s fine because in the two or three years that the files have been sitting around, I’ve learned far more about image editing. I’ve spent hours reading, experimenting, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube tutorials and anything else that helped me to quickly get images processed, filed and ready for whatever might come my way – blog posts for you lovely people who pop up on my blog most days; for competitions; to sell, to give away to charities, to give to friends and family as gifts and so much more. There will be no more dumping images in my archive and forgetting about them after a few days.

And it’s time to share a few with you all out there in the WordPress blogosphere, a few “new” images… Thanks to those of you who follow my work, whether you read the stuff I write, look at the images I publish or the tutorials I either borrow from the lovely folk at Fujifilm or write myself. Here goes…

All images © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak – 2012-2016

Notes: All three black & white images were processed in Alien Skin’s Exposure X (EX) image editing software using their Fujifilm ACROS 100, which gives you some idea of what the ACROS simulation in the new X-Pro2 might look like. The EX version has the added luxury of being able to add a +20% yellow filter, a low radius (25) sharpening option and a grain simulating Rodinal developer set to 12.5%. I am using EX as a Lightroom 6.3 plug-in as I find some of its editing tweaks much better than Lightroom’s.

Also, in no way am I denigrating Fujifilm’s ACROS simulation in the X-Pro2; I don’t have the luxury of owning one – yet! – so I’m using the EX version, which also gives me the opportunity to save settings as presets for future use (see the above note for just what you can do with EX!).


16 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Glad you ran across this phoeo. The sky is beautiful and the depth of this picture with the path, leads your eyes right to the tree. This one is a jewel. And I read everything you wrote on this post. keep these pictures coming. Liz

    Liked by 1 person

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