Something for the Weekend – Night Moves

This weekend’s offering is inspired from two very differing sources: a book from my photo library and the editors notes from a recent copy of Black+White Photography magazine.

I’ll start with Elizabeth Roberts, the magazine editor, who commented on how we as photographers see changes, growth and development in the things were are interested in. She concludes her Editor’s Letter with the following paragraph:

“I find all this very exciting and something I constantly look for in photographers – that ability to grow, to be still inquisitive, to have the ability and courage to change. I think it’s worth aiming for, in whatever we do.”

The book is called “WHY IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN FOCUS – MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY EXPLAINED” by Jackie Higgins and it looks at the artistry of 100 key works of modern photography. It’s not a book for the purist  but it is an interesting way to pass an hour or two to see why one Japanese photographer trudges around with a 19th Century large-format camera but takes out-of-focus images on it! Or if a self-portrait from 2003 is not a straightforward photo-booth snap.

I am, by habit, always looking for the perfect image; accurate exposure, pin-sharp focus, level horizon, rule-of-thirds perfectly aligned – it’s the well hidden OCD at work! But, of course, that is the nature of landscape photography. It’s nice to break the rules from time to time, though. Take a look at my autumn images and see if you can spot the very slight change in the way they were processed. That was as a result of taking quite a long look at another photographer who enjoys producing beautiful images of trees.

Anyway, both these writings got me thinking about my own work; did I not have some abstract images lurking in those files I unearthed for yesterday’s post? Indeed, I did! And here they are, newly processed for this post. There’s three images; one black and white to redress the balance and two in colour… which… well, you can make your own minds up!

All images © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak – 2012-2016

Notes: For those who may be interested in “Why It Does Not Have To Be In Focus“, it is published by Thames & Hudson under ISBN 978-0-500-29095-8 priced at £9.99. You can save one whole penny if you buy it at Amazon UK!

The images here were taken during a three day trip to Krakow in late November 2012.


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