Tutorial: To take great pictures first you have to S.E.E.

Well, I’ve posted tutorials on shutter speeds, aperture and white balance and now it’s time to learn how to improve your photographic eye. This is another tutorial courtesy of the Fujifilm UK blog, which if you’ve not already bookmarked has a mine of information. You’ll find links below… Enjoy!

As always, my most sincere thanks to Fujifilm for allowing their tutorials to be reblogged.

The Fujifilm Blog

w360_6415757_tutorialbannerfordotmailerSo how do I take better pictures?

Great question, glad you asked! There are so many ways to take better pictures, but I would say the easiest way to improve is to read tutorials, watch tutorials and try all the techniques you see & learn to develop your skills. Think of every tutorial as a new recipe that you can add to a larger collection, then when you need a certain flavour of image, you just choose the relevant recipe. It not only means you will feel more confident when shooting, but you’ll also start producing consistently good, consistently your-style images, which is very important.

And don’t worry if you don’t quite get a technique straight away, you will, and when you do, embrace it, use it, until it becomes part of your very own photography recipe book.

So with this in mind, I want to introduce you to a new recipe…

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