On The Waterfront

I took my Fujifilm X-20 for a spin last week during a couple of very sunny days that were just perfect for photography, The light was good enough to produce some very contrasty images and I’ve used a tonal contrast preset in Lightroom to pull out details in each exposure.

Most of the images I took were centred on the area around Pier Head in Liverpool where there are excellent photo opportunities particularly with a wide variety of architecture styles, The buildings featured in this post include the Three Graces (The Liver Building, The Cunard Building and Mersey Docks and Harbour Board), Mann Island and Pier Head itself including the Museum of Liverpool.


13 thoughts on “On The Waterfront

      1. Hi! It’s not on the X-T1; it’s a preset for Lightroom. It’s a very useful one, too. Sadly, WordPress spellchecker doesn’t seem to be very sophisticated because its’s tonal contrast, not total… sorry for any confusion. Just post another batch of street images with one or two tonal contrast images. Best, Tee


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