Chased by a Sunset

On Sunday last, I was in North Wales again visiting family and managing to fit in  an interesting shoot, which I’ll be blogging later this week.

I the way home the sun was behind me and as I neared the end of my journey I could see a nice sunset developing. I decided that I’d try and reach a spot I know that would provide a decent image. As I drove the sky became more and more beautiful and I was now concerned that the best of it would be gone when I got to my chosen spot.

All was well, despite sunset having passed by thirty minutes or so due to the afterglow…

Hurleston Sunset

Image © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak – 2016


5 thoughts on “Chased by a Sunset

  1. This is beautiful- the best part of sunsets most of the time is the afterglow just as how it tends to be spectacular about 15-20 minutes before sunrise!

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