Fujifilm X-Pro2 – First Test Shots

I’ve spent the day poring over the manual for the X-Pro2 and getting the feel for how the camera handles. Despite it being a very grey day, I ventured out to take a few shots. I wanted very much to know if what my friend Matt Hart had said during his talk at The Photography Show: images from the X-Pro2 need little or no processing.

X-Pro2 Test Shots #3
Blossom – 1/125 sec @ ƒ5.6 ISO 1250 (automatic) handheld using Fujinon 16-55 ƒ2.8 lens. Very minor tweaking.
X-Pro2 Test Shots #1
Poser – 1/125 sec @ ƒ5.6 ISO 1250 (automatic) handheld using Fujinon 16-55 ƒ2.8 lens. Very minor tweaking.
X-Pro2 Test Shots #2
Commuting – 1/125 sec @ ƒ5.6 ISO 1000 (automatic) handheld using Fujinon 16-55 ƒ2.8 lens testing continuous focus. Very minor tweaking.

Whilst each of these images has had to receive a little work in Lightroom v6.5, I think that once I’ve tweaked the settings in-camera I can see that the time I need to spend will be considerably reduced.

All images © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak – 2016


8 thoughts on “Fujifilm X-Pro2 – First Test Shots

  1. Hi Tony,

    How are you finding the XP2 compared to the XT1, specifically the files (the improved AF and joystick and 2 SD card slots etc is a given, but not that important to me, yeah I know it is to most other people!!)

    I read the the admiring light review, and they used the phrase “a bit better” quite a lot when they were comparing IQ and DR to the X-Trans II sensor

    Thanks in advance

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    1. I like them both, actually. The X-T1 is slightly less obtrusive & still an excellent camera. They are, perhaps, suited to different jobs i.e. X-T1 for landscape, X-Pro2 for street etc. However, I found that the X-Pro2 may well be suited to more than street having examined my early test shots; the images I’ve posted thus far are very low res but they still blow up very well. The new sensor & processor are, for me, quite wonderful. With some practice & the right settings I can see that very limited post-production would be needed. I’m friends with Matt Hart, a Fuji X-Photographer, & he’s reduced his post-shoot work drastically. I need to spend some more time fiddling about with settings. I’m currently using four different settings. The JPEGs are outstanding, too. File size for RAW can be up to 50Mb! I’ll keep in touch and let you know how things develop (no pun intended!). Thanks for visiting and the “likes” – very much appreciated.

      Best, Tony

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      1. Yes, I’ll stay in touch. There’ll be another batch of stuff from my Peak District jaunt early next week & at some point I’ll re-edit some into monochrome. Rome on my X-T1 is long overdue, too! Speak soon, Tony


      2. Thanks Tony 🙂 I love Rome – far too many years since I was there! (have you tried Nimes at all? We went in September one year and being out of season it was practically deserted in their “colosseum” which helped a lot with the shots!)

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      3. The Rome trip was my first visit & I got overwhelmed by everything! I’ve not been to Nimes; my partner has family living in the Charente region and we’ve been there several times. I’ve a bucket list of some length & I’ll add Nimes on your recommendation!

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