Free Stuff!

It’s not often that a really good freebie deal comes off but Google have really pushed the boat out. They are giving away completely free of charge their Niksoft acquisition, The Nik Collection. This is a must get offer  – I’ve already had the set for several years and use Silver Efex Pro2 (for black & white conversions and editing) on a regular basis. You’ll also get Vivenza, Colour Effects 4, Sharpener Pro, an HDR editor, Analogue Effects (for retro film et al) and Define.

I just picked up this news from the blog of Thomas Fitzgerald, who is based in the Republic of Ireland. Thomas has done an enormous amount of work on the problem of sharpening Fujifilm X-Trans images including producing his own sharpening presets and a handy printable guide in PDF format. Pop over and have a look at his blog and other pages – you’ll not be disappointed.

While you’re there pick up some free presets for Lightroom 6+ that mimic the film simulations in Fujifilm cameras. These presets will help speed up selection of the film emulsion/filter combination you want.

I’ve put all the links for the above items in red.


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