Goodbye Flickr

You’ll have noticed that my Flickr feed has gone from the blog. Flickrs interference with posted images is quite annoying particularly as the tags they arbitrarily add are often inappropriate. Withdrawal of the option of deleting these tags has mainly prompted this decision.

The Fuji Freak, Instagram and Twitter are now my “homes” in Internetland. If anyone wants to recommend a replacement, I’d be delighted to hear from them.


16 thoughts on “Goodbye Flickr

  1. I fell out of love with it quite a long time ago, Tony. Instagram became the replacement and isn’t so time sapping. You could do worse than setting up a Facebook page which is quite slow-paced with a lot of room for expression. I just use my personal profile, though, which is probably missing a trick or three.

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  2. Flickr’s tagging is intrusive and sometimes so way off the mark. Hadn’t realised we can’t change their tags. I’ve got so much loaded onto it though that I’d have to find a way to transfer all my content. I’ll follow the comments on this list with interest.

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  3. The tag thing is quite annoying, but (as others have mentioned) I have quite a lot of stuff there, besides… It’s quite handy to use for hosting images that I can link elsewhere.. There seems to be many other options, so I look forward to hearing where you jump too Tony! Keep us posted!

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  4. Hey Tony,
    I’ve been using Smugmug’s business account for about 8 years now and enjoy what they offer. They have a basic account as well for those wanting to showcase images, order prints and have a customizable appearance. There’s a 14-day free trial to see if it’s something you’d like.


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