Dinorwig Quarry

High above Llyn Paris and Llyn Padarn to the east of Llanberis is a disused slate quarry called Dinorwig. It has lain dormant for many years but there is still much to explore and discover. Some of the cutting sheds are still standing, albeit without their roofs; some of the winding houses can still be seen, too.

Much of the landscape is scarred by the work that was undertaken, dangerous work that could often be fatal given the steep and high “walls” of slate that had to be scaled. The quarry had its own railway system to transport slate from the higher reaches with a large fleet of steam locomotives. Gravity was used in the steepest areas with full trucks going down and empty ones going up. It would have been a fascinating place to visit.

Indeed, you can visit parts of the site. There is a footpath from Deiniolen to Nant Perris (Old Llanberis), which will take you past some of the cutting sheds, to a vantage point overlooking Llanberis and the two lakes. It’s also a great spot to make images of the Snowdon massif with views up the valley to Pen-y-Pass. Crib Goch can be seen from here, too.

For safety’s sake, much of the site is out of bounds but there is more than enough to keep a photographer – or a hillwalker – happy. Morning is best in spring and summer to photograph Snowdon and during June it is possible to get some great light on the mountain during the early evening.

Let me give you a taster of what you might find…

All images © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak – 2016

NOTES: I cannot emphasise enough is that if you wander off the designated paths you could be putting yourself in extreme danger.

I can recommend Pete’s Eats in Llanberis for a hearty breakfast (served all day last time I was there) and a super mug of tea. Very reasonably priced food and plenty of it.

The featured image had a little treatment to give it the painterly effect I’ve grown rather fond of! It’s a couple of presets from Niksoft’s Color Efex Pro 4, sunlight and Indian summer. If you play about with these two and their settings you can come up with a really nice finish. Don’t forget that you can now get Niksoft’s Collection FREE OF CHARGE – check back a few posts for the links.


8 thoughts on “Dinorwig Quarry

  1. Superb photoset – I know this area reasonably well as for a few years now we have holidayed in Criccieth in a nice cottage and explored the area. I think Snowdonia is underestimated and this is good in a way as it keeps it reasonably quiet – well compared to the Lake District that is! I didn’t know about this quarry though – looks a superb place to visit and you have captured the essence of the place superbly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, James. It’s not always so quiet! My partner is from Wales so I get to know some quiet, secret places. There’s nowhere more quiet & unspoiled in England than Northumberland, for me. It’s a beautiful place… Best, Tony


  2. Nice work Tony..gonna have to bring the VW Kampa up your way again soon.. I’m enjoying the free pack too hitched up to Lightroom 6, I sometimes think though, my own pre-sets look just as good, We are now spoiled for choice, the ancient DXO film pack still has some great tones and grain effects. I still like Snapseed for an effortless edit on iPad for Instagram..Oh Boy!

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