A Postcard From France

This is a post that I submitted to the ƒ50 Collective, of which I’m a member. It has been gathering considerable interest of the past few days and I’d like to share it with you here on The Fuji Freak.


I love France! There is always just so much to see and do and that keeps the camera(s) clicking. Here’s a few images from recent trips; the header image is from Verteuil-sur-Charente, a beautiful and historic village with some fine architecture.

The Old Mill (m)The Old Mill, Verteuil-sur-Charente

Verteuil-sur-CharenteL’Boulangerie & Chateau, Verteuil-sur-Charente

Cloisters Cahors v.1The Cloisters at Cahors Cathedral

L'AbregementL’Abregement, Bioussac, Charente

By Dawns Early Light v.1Early Morning near Bioussac, Charente
RèglisseRèglisee – a Very French Chat

People at an Exhibition #3The Annual Photo Festival at Barro, Charente

French KitchenUne Cuisine Française, Barro, Charente

Time and MotionTime to Visit a French Market, Rouillac

The Sunset Tree #3Sunset near Bioussac

All images © Tony Harratt 2013-2014

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4 thoughts on “A Postcard From France

  1. Very interesting photos. Especially like the photo of the cat. Did you use a technique to make the black and white photos look as if they were slightly blurred or is it just my eyes? Whatever the process you used it is quite unique.


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