Documenting Brutalism…

Over the past couple of months I have been involved with a project with the ƒ50 Collective, a small group of friends from the UK, Italy, India & the United States. I chose to photograph architecture and the purchase of a book of images in the Brutalist style gently pointed me the the direction of this subject.

I travelled quite extensively hunting down images that became, says my good friend John Meehan, “[having a] strong feeling of careful seeing; they’re meditative and let the buildings speak for themselves.”  The finished project contains buildings of the Brutalist Period (1950’s to mid-1970’s) that can be found in Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Shrewsbury, Colwyn Bay, Prenton and Bebington.

“Documenting Brutalism…” can be found by clicking on this link -> ƒ50 Collective blog

The finished image collection was over 125 photographs, all captured especially for this project. Blog space precluded me posting each image but below is a small sample of my favourite images that didn’t make the “cut”. I hope you’ll pop over to “Documenting Brutalism…” and enjoy what images and words.

The header image for this blog post was taken at Manchester Piccadilly railway station; it is an electricity sub-station constructed of COR-TEN, a special steel that rusts to a certain level. The rust then protects the steel. There is a colour image of this building in the project post.

Multi-Storey Car Park – Nottingham City Centre
The Rendall Building, Liverpool University
The Liverpool Echo building dominates much of Liverpool’s Commercial Quarter
The Sports Facility, Liverpool University

All images © Tony Harratt/ƒ50 Collective/The Fuji Freak – 2016


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