Hi, and welcome to The Fuji Freak hosted by myself, Tony Harratt.

I’m based in the north-west of England within easy reach of Snowdonia in Wales, and the Lake District and Peak District National Parks. I’m very much a confirmed Fujifilm X-series user and my current stable consists of an X-T1, an X-Pro1 with 18, 35 and 56mm lenses plus an X-20. My son has recently taken to using my X-10 and has it on a semi-permanent loan.

Favourite subjects are landscape, architecture and travel but I also enjoy photographing the odd steam train. Black and white images in a square format is my favoured method of displaying my work.

The aim of this blog is to feature some of my images and to write about the X-series cameras, lenses and other accessories. In no way am I affiliated to Fujifilm, I receive no sponsorship or support from them and the comments I make here are my own, not of those of anyone else.

I also have a “home” on Flickr where I upload images on a fairly regular basis. There’s a link to my Flickr feed on the home page of this blog. I’m on Twitter, too, where @PhotosTH is my “tag”. Finally, I’m a founding member of the ƒ50 Collective, an international group of photographers from the UK, USA and India.

I’d be grateful if you’d check out my Legal & Disclosure notes while you’re here. Thanks…

11 thoughts on “About

    1. As per my last, Mike, I’ve been away on holiday (twice) and slightly incapacitated with a damaged rib during the autumn.Do pop by and have a look. I’ve also updated how the blog looks choosing WordPress’s TwentySixteen theme.

      Best, Tony


  1. Tony, good to see you at the Cambrian Open Day and now following you on here. I should really get out there and take more photographs which would be a good distraction after a very recent family tragedy. Here’s to you and your past and future work…

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    1. Hi, Geoff! Oh, dear! What’s happened? If you need a distraction I’d be happy to take you out on a photo jolly jaunt… Thinking about you at what sounds like a difficult time. Tony


  2. Hello Tony, thank you for the reply… My brother has passed away, he lives in Australia and I knew he was ill but had at least another 6 months ish so I was in the middle of arranging a visit over there but he went down hill over a 24 hour period and that was that.

    Thanks for the offer of a photographic distraction I will take you up on that once the dust has settled. I managed to get out with our group which was quite good and even though I haven’t gone through them all yet there may be a few good one’s with very little post process to be done because that’s one of my weaknesses.

    Anyway back to ‘that place’ on Monday so will see how that goes…

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    1. So sorry to read your news; my sympathies to you, to your family and to those around you, Geoff. There is little we can say or do in some circumstances and by the time we react, it is too late.
      My partner & I will be in Wales from 16-20 July. She’s then having a new kitchen during the first week of August after which I have an pretty open diary…
      Oh, your e-mail has just popped up so I’ll transfer over to that…


  3. Hi Tony, Just found your page due to me messing about on google and I am blown away at the fabulous pictures you have taken, you may be wondering who the heck this is, Dave from york Stanley B&B remember.

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