Architecture As Art – 2

I’ve just finished editing images from last evening in Birmingham and I’m posting them now…

I’ll post some more next week.

All images © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak – 2016

Architecture As Art

I spent last evening wandering around Birmingham (UK) city centre making the most of the light and photographing architecture. This is the first of a few images that will fall into a long-term project entitled ‘Architecture As Art’.

Birmingham, UK, 22 September 2016

Image © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak – 2016 

Documenting Brutalism…

Over the past couple of months I have been involved with a project with the ƒ50 Collective, a small group of friends from the UK, Italy, India & the United States. I chose to photograph architecture and the purchase of a book of images in the Brutalist style gently pointed me the the direction of this subject.

I travelled quite extensively hunting down images that became, says my good friend John Meehan, “[having a] strong feeling of careful seeing; they’re meditative and let the buildings speak for themselves.”  The finished project contains buildings of the Brutalist Period (1950’s to mid-1970’s) that can be found in Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Shrewsbury, Colwyn Bay, Prenton and Bebington.

“Documenting Brutalism…” can be found by clicking on this link -> ƒ50 Collective blog

The finished image collection was over 125 photographs, all captured especially for this project. Blog space precluded me posting each image but below is a small sample of my favourite images that didn’t make the “cut”. I hope you’ll pop over to “Documenting Brutalism…” and enjoy what images and words.

The header image for this blog post was taken at Manchester Piccadilly railway station; it is an electricity sub-station constructed of COR-TEN, a special steel that rusts to a certain level. The rust then protects the steel. There is a colour image of this building in the project post.

Multi-Storey Car Park – Nottingham City Centre
The Rendall Building, Liverpool University
The Liverpool Echo building dominates much of Liverpool’s Commercial Quarter
The Sports Facility, Liverpool University

All images © Tony Harratt/ƒ50 Collective/The Fuji Freak – 2016

Something for the Weekend

A little architecture inspiration for you to go out and experiment with now you’ve read the first two of Fujifilm’s Photography Lessons posted here on The Fuji Freak. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a Fujifilm camera, just use the camera you would usually choose. Have fun!

Something for the Weekend #4

Welcome to The Dragon’s Tail… It’s another section of the structure you can see at this link -> Outtakes #1 

It is another image from my ARTitecture project that has not previously been published.

ARTitechture #7

Image © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak 2015

ARTitecture #2

I spent some time processing this image of The Shard in London preparing it for use in either Dark Matter or ARTitecture (or both!)… I’ve added it to the ARTitecture folder for now and I apologise for posting two images from the same project in succession.

ARTitechture #8

Image © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak 2015