The Peak District National Park

Over the past few weeks I’ve been visiting the Peak District National Park on a fairly regular basis. Some of the images you may have seen on my Instagram feed in the sidebar of the blog.

I visited Chatsworth House in Derbyshire on Sunday last to see the sculpture show there. On the way back the evening light was settling in and I stopped in a number of places to grab an image or two. I’ll filter some of them into posts as the autumn gathers pace but I really wanted to share with you just three images that I’m pleased with.

Shuttlingsloe, Wildboarclough, Peak District National Park – a colour version of this image has been entered for one of the weekly competitions on Twitter. I wondered just how good it would be as a black & white image… here it is and I’m even more pleased with this version than the colour one! Best viewed in full screen mode; just double-click on the image to enlarge it.
Reflections, The Roaches, Peak District National Park – I took a wrong turn on my last visit to The Roaches and ended up with this perfect reflection in the overspill section of Tittesworth Reservoir.

The header image is of a sunset over the Cheshire Plain and photographed from The Roaches.

Incidentally, if you are local to the Peak District, there is a rather super book available entitled “Peak District – Through the Lens” by James Grant. It contains  details of locations you might like to photograph within the Peak District. Its 400 pages are stuffed with maps, directions, images, kit advice, post-processing, planning and tips to enjoy the many locations you will find in the Peak District. I bought my copy at Chatsworth House but any bookshop would be happy to order a copy for you. The ISBN is as follows: 978-0-9933156-0-2.

Chased by a Sunset

On Sunday last, I was in North Wales again visiting family and managing to fit in  an interesting shoot, which I’ll be blogging later this week.

I the way home the sun was behind me and as I neared the end of my journey I could see a nice sunset developing. I decided that I’d try and reach a spot I know that would provide a decent image. As I drove the sky became more and more beautiful and I was now concerned that the best of it would be gone when I got to my chosen spot.

All was well, despite sunset having passed by thirty minutes or so due to the afterglow…

Hurleston Sunset

Image © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak – 2016

Autumn in Wales

I keep finding images that I like from my autumn (Fall) shoots this past year. This one is currently doing the rounds on my Flickr account and is doing quite well, I thought it would be nice to share it with non-Flickr folk here on The Fuji Freak.

Autumn in Wales

I guess it’s slightly over-processed but I was looking for a painterly finish in the style of the old romantic painters of yesteryear. In reality, all I’ve done is crop it, enhanced the autumn colour and reduced the clarity to give it a blurred look. If you want to see the hi-res version just click on this  Flickr link – views & all faves welcomed! I hope you lovely folks like it!

Image © Tony Harratt/The Fuji Freak 2015-2016