Lightroom Presets

If you use Lightroom then I hope you’ll be interested in this post. It’s a sort of review and a sort of promotional one.

A few days ago freelance photographer Samuel Zeller, a Fujifilm ambassador (X-Photographer) based in Switzerland, offered a set of presets to celebrate an event on Instagram. This was to be a free set of tools to assist in image editing. It’s a very useful package containing presets, curve settings and a set of eight of Samuel’s RAW images each to match a specific preset. Providing one’s own images to others is a very rare occurrence, indeed, I can’t remember any pro photographer doing so.

I’ve downloaded Samuel’s package and I have to say that I’m delighted with the results. I’m still playing with presets and curves on my own images and I really like the results. I’ll post an image later this week, all being well.

Even if you are not an Instagram member, you can still obtain this set of presets by registering your e-mail address at and Samuel will send you a link to the download. Full instructions for installation are contained in the package along with a licence agreement.

There is a likelihood that further presets will be made available and I’ll keep my eyes open for future packages and pass on the details to you here.

The presets are NOT specific to Fujifilm cameras and should work on RAW files from most camera platforms.


Some of you may have noticed that my mono processing has changed. I’ve gone from using either Silver Efex Pro-2 or Alien Skin’s excellent Exposure 7 to make my mono conversions to something very different.

Here’s an image processed using Exposure 7 using a custom preset:

Escalator 1

And here’s the same image produced by a single preset in Lightroom 6.1.1:

Escalator 2

The lower image uses a preset designed by Matt Kosklowski for Lightroom 5, emulating Tonal Contrast . Matt previously worked with Scott Kelby but has now moved on to On1 software.

There are three presets in the series – light, medium and strong. I’ve been using the strong version because I think it picks out much more detail than either of the other two, and I adjust the settings as necessary. Usually I up the contrast by between 10 & 20 percent, lower the exposure about 0.25-0.33 stop and increase the amount of vignetting by up to five or six notches. I’ve rarely had to make other adjustments to images using this preset.

There some who think that tonal contrast is actually HDR. It’s not…

I’m not sure if the presets are still available out in the wide world of the wobbly wobbly web. If you can’t find them let me know and I’ll send copies to you. They do work with Lightroom 6.1.1.