Experiments in Black & White

I’ve always liked black and white photography. In my early days of using digital cameras I produced more black and white images than colour. Many of these were in the square format and I found this form of image very satisfying.

To a small extent I’ve neglected this format but I recently discovered the work of Ian Barber, a fine art photographer here in the UK. His work has inspired me to at least make more images in the black and white/square format. Ian has produced a comprehensive se to presets for Lightroom primarily for black and white but also useable in colour post-processing.

I’ve been experimenting with these presets and here are three images that I’m very pleased with.

Nature's Sculpture
Nature’s Sculpture
Still Life #1
Still Life #1

Winter 2015-2016 – Part 5

As a precursor to Tuesday’s post, here’s a little something I was playing about with last evening. This was taken in the cafe area of Rode Hall, which is near to Congleton in south Cheshire, where I had been to on Sunday.

When I got home, I processed it as usual and was quite pleased with the outcome. However, tinkering got the better of me and the resulting image is, I think, rather painterly in its finish. I had a whole lot of fun putting it all together – and the odd disaster, too!

I give you, dear reader, in the watercolour style,  “The Kitchen Window”.


I have to admit to liking flowers as they fade; the texture changes significantly and petals become thinner thus making for a more interesting image . Here’s a rose I photographed last year using strong backlighting from the sun. I used my Fuifilm X-20 mounted on a Gorillapod, and exposed at 1/125th sec. at ƒ3.6 using spot metering. It’s been processed especially for this blog using Lightroom 5.7 and Exposure 7.1. Fading Rose©Tony Harratt 2014-2015


Fading Glory

Flower #2

Rose – Study #1

Winter is a good time to experiment and to try your hand at something that is usually outside your comfort zone.

This set of images was taken at home using a vertical blind as a background and using sunlight to illuminate the subject in this case, dead flowers from a bouquet. I used my X-20 mounted on a Joby Gorilla Pod tripod. I selected spot metering to isolate the rose from the background and shutter priority. The shutter was fired using the built-in self-timer.

Processed in Lightroom 5.6 with the highlights slider 100% to the right to remove any lingering shadows from the vertical blind.

Flower #3

Rose – Study 2

Flower #4


Rose – Study #3

I was interested to see how a black & white image might look so I fired up Silver Efex Pro2 and selected Preset 19 Fine Art Process as the basis for editing. Some minor tweaks were made both in SFX2 and Lightroom to obtain the desired result.